Location and Tips

Location and Tips

Located in the Historical and Commercial Center of Suarão, Hotel Sion offers comfort and practicality for all types of travelers. We offer optional city tours, boat trips, kayaking and an incredible sunset.

Rio Itanhaém

Rich in natural beauty, Itanhaém is the second largest coastal basin in the state of SP and is called “Amazônia Paulista”. The river is suitable for practitioners of water sports and sport fishing where fishermen can find freshwater fish species during the practice.

Praia dos Sonhos

This beach has been the scene of recordings of some Brazilian soap operas over the years and is very popular with tourists and locals. Its waters are calm and its beauty is composed of rock formations next to the coast

Morro de Paranambuco

-If you are looking for a paradisiacal scenario with excess of beauty, the hill of Paranambuco is the ideal place for you! Known as a destination for photo sessions on several occasions, this hill contains a panoramic view of our city and houses the panels of Anchieta (which were produced with glass inserts with the intention of composing an image that tells the trajectory of the Father during his passage to intanhaém

Igreja Nossa Senhora Sion

The church was founded in 1955 contains classic beauty and several elements that tell the story of Intanhaém. Weekly masses, programs and special events are held in addition to weddings!

Praia do Cibratel

Considered as a great option for trips with families with young children, Cibratel beach offers tranquility and comfort on its shore. The beach is clean and contains a large stretch of sand. The beach is also a tourist destination at night because it is well lit and provides tranquility to its visitors

Cama do Anchieta

One of the main historical monuments of our city is a must for you! Contemplate the beauty that Intanhaém provides when passing by the footbridge that gives access to rock formation between Praia da Gruta and Praia do Sonho, where it is said that Father José de Anchieta spent his moments of rest and reflection.

Praia dos Pescadores

Known for hosting the famous recordings of the soap opera “Mulheres de Areia”, Praia dos Pescadores is frequented by surfers for offering waves that are conducive to the practice of sports in addition to the strong commercialization of fish along its shore.

Praia do Suarão

Ideal for those in search of tranquility, Praia do Suarão has good infrastructure and a family atmosphere, and coconut trees along the shore are great backgrounds for photos.

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